A Simple Citation Needed to Determine Whether Laminated Flooring Is Right For You

If you are looking to renovate your home but do not have the budget for a complete renovation then laminated flooring could be the right choice for you. A quick visit to your local home improvement center should yield you an abundance of options when it comes to selecting new flooring. There are many benefits that are brought about by using laminated flooring in your home, but first and foremost you should know what it is exactly. Laminated flooring is essentially a multi-layered synthetic floor covering product fused together with an attractive lamination procedure. Laminate flooring usually mimics natural hardwood with a protective, transparent layer beneath a clear protective coating.

The core layer most commonly used in laminated flooring products is made from melamine resin and fiberboard composite materials. Because of its translucent coating, melamine is resistant to scratches and stains. As such, it provides the appearance of real wood. However, as time goes by, the wear layer in real wood begins to show and is almost indistinguishable from real wood. By adding a clear protective coating to laminated flooring products, such as tiles, the outer layer can be made to resemble wood, without the disadvantage of scratches.

There are actually quite a few different types of laminated flooring available on the market today. Depending upon the final application, one type of laminated flooring may be more suitable than another. It is essential to know what your final application is before making a selection. Proper installation procedures should be followed to ensure maximum durability and longevity of the product.

For normal and moderate-sized rooms, typical laminated flooring planks have to wear layers composed of polyester film-based inks. This film is applied to the topmost layer by means of rollers or a brush. Each individual plank is then cut into smaller planks of varying heights. These are laid down in rows beginning with the shortest planks and moving toward the longest ones. All the boards are then laid directly on top of one another, in the same direction.

In order for laminate floors to appear like real wood, the planks need to be perfectly straight. If the planks are not straight, the wood-like appearance will not be complete. Under the right circumstances, the perfect vertical lines of each plank actually run perpendicular to each other. To achieve this effect, the planks need to be laminated in a different diagonal direction.

As you can see, laminated flooring provides a durable, realistic look when applied to wooden floors. If you have made an investment in your home and want to protect it, you should install this type of floor covering. A simple citation needed to determine whether this type of floor covering is right for you; Click here for Laminated floor covering products and manufacturers guide.