cabinet Restoration in Louisville

If you have an antique or unique cabinet that needs to be restored, you need to consider cabinet refacing in Louisville. Cabinet refacing in Louisville is the best way to bring the beauty of your cabinet back to its original appearance and bring it back to life. This can also be a good solution to your unique cabinet problem. With the help of cabinet refacing professionals in Louisville, you can achieve new cabinet look that is both beautiful and original.

Wood Kitchen Cabinets: Cabinet restoration in Louisville can work for your classic wood kitchen cabinets as well as modern, European, and Victorian-inspired wood cabinets. Cabinet restoration works by gently sanding and polishing your existing finish to bring out the natural beauty and elegance of the wood. You can use this same process to work on the color of your kitchen cabinets, as well as the hardware and cupboard handles, to bring them all up to date and looking brand new. This method can even be used on painted cabinet surfaces, to bring out the rich colors and bring them back down to their natural beauty.

Cabinet refacing in Louisville can also work for cabinet doors. Although there are a number of methods that can be used to refurbish cabinet doors, the most cost effective is to hire cabinet refacing professionals in Louisville to reface the cabinet doors for you. By hiring cabinet doors that are made from solid wood, and have been treated to resist moisture, you can save yourself thousands of dollars on kitchen make-overs. By refurbishing your cabinet doors, you will also be able to update your kitchen make-over with more money, time, and effort than if you were to attempt to repair the doors. Cabinet doors are easily one of the largest expenses in kitchen make-overs.

Another way that you can get professional cabinet restoration in Louisville is by using a high quality stain to paint the cabinets. There are many different types of stains that you can use to give your kitchen cabinets a brand new look. Using a high quality stain like Presto paint, or even some type of binder will help protect your cabinet floors from stains that may be harmful. Staining your cabinet doors will also help give your kitchen cabinets a more contemporary look, and will bring out the natural beauty of the wood. Staining the cabinets will also help seal them, making them weather resistant.

One thing that you will want to remember when it comes to cabinet restoration is that you should never start a project like this, or any others, until you have checked and tested the existing cabinet finish. By testing each piece of wood, like cabinet doors, you will be able to make sure that each piece will work correctly with each other. It may also be necessary to remove the old hardware in order to get at the stain or paint. If you are not sure how to test the existing cabinet finish, you may want to contact a cabinet renovation company for assistance.

It may also be necessary to have some type of inspection done before you start on a cabinet restoration project. In fact, most major kitchen cabinets these days come with a built-in, but very simple inspection list. You will need to make sure that there are no cracks, no loose cabinet hardware, and that the drawers are lined up properly. If you feel like you don’t need an inspection at the present time, it is always a good idea to get one as soon as possible. Cabinet inspection by trained professionals from Louisville cabinet refinishing company is the best way to keep kitchen cabinets looking like new.