Direct Mail: An Effective Marketing Strategy

Direct mail is the traditional method of distributing printed marketing literature to customers in the retail market. In recent years, direct mail has become highly competitive and unproductive due to the rise of electronic marketing. To stay ahead of the competition, direct mail shops must find creative new ways to differentiate themselves from the rising pool of direct mail services. In order to succeed in this growing market, direct mail shops must implement several strategies that will differentiate them from their competition.

Creating effective direct marketing product descriptions is one of the most important strategies for ensuring success. Direct mail products typically have a wide range of potential customers. Direct marketing distributors typically sell to people who are within their target market, but sometimes (such as with restaurant direct marketing) direct mailing companies contact people outside of their target audience. Direct mailing services generally send, fax, or email promotional materials to the customers’ more targeted friends and family members.

When addressing potential direct mail customers, business owners should consider carefully what types of information they would like to receive. A large portion of direct mailing direct marketing materials today are sent through email. Many business owners feel that it is counterproductive to only send email flyers to friends and family. For those who send emails, however, there are several ways to make them more personal and less corporate.

The types of promotional material that direct mailing houses commonly use include postcards, newsletters, catalogs, and fliers. Each of these items has proven to be an effective marketing strategy. Postcards, for example, have proven to be a successful direct mail marketing strategy for decades. Today, postcard design software and online printing company allow business owners to create effective postcard templates, which they then use in creating custom postcard marketing campaigns that reach their target audience.

Newsletters, on the other hand, may include tips and advice on cooking, beauty, gardening, children’s activities and more. Businesses can distribute newsletters regarding local events, food festivals and shopping excursions. Some direct mailing services may include coupons for local restaurants, specialty shops, art galleries and so on. They may also include recipes or samples of local goods. Customers and potential customers will enjoy reading this information and may find it makes them want to visit the location.

Another type of direct mailing services is fliers. Businesses may use fliers to advertise special events, new products or services, sales and discounts. These types of marketing campaign efforts often attract a significant percentage of the target audience. Direct mailing houses often distribute millions of different types of direct mailing materials.